Sharon Stansfield

When Sharon Stansfield teamed up with Nicky Hegarty to form Handsome Productions in 2013, she never imagined a scenario where they would one day grow into what the company has become now. She knew they were on to something great, but the current growth trajectory was beyond her wildest dreams.

Armed with 20 years worth of experience, the two women set up Handsome Productions with the aim to reinvent production in the mainstream media. Theirs was a venture that was geared towards the creation of original programs that would be distinct in terms of content and delivery, they aimed to be the most talked about people in the town and that they did manage to pull it off eventually.

Some notable famous TV shows have gone through their very able hands, and they include hit shows like Test The Nation, Celebrity Big Bother, and, award winning show Towie. Nicky by herself has also been involved in hugely successful shows like Dishes, Boxing Academy, Friends for Dinner among many others. Her most recent work involves the creation and production of a comedy show called Kookyville, which has already been snapped up by Channel 4.

On her part, Sharon Stansfield started out as a features writer for women’s magazines, before she developed interest in TV and decided to get in to it full swing. Show development became her focus, and she ended up working with and heading many independent projects. She has collaborated with Nicky in the creation of Towie, and some of her other works include The Salon, It’s Me or The Dog, Animal Rescue Live, David Suchet On The Orient Express, Chateau Monty, Martin Clunes Islands of Britain, Psychic Sally: On The Road, as well as Pop Star To Opera Star. Being among the very few women you can find in the TV production industry, the two have really set a bench mark for the rest.

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