Technology has evolved the way TV production process are handled in the modern world. We have come a long way from using very large CRT screens and very big heavy cameras that were hectic to transport around the production set. But no area of TV production has undergone a major facelift more than cameras. With every passing day we have been able to find a way to miniturise cameras a little more, while increasing their power and functionality. Some of the modern cameras that have revolutionized TV production and film include:

  • Red Camera

The quality of filming that is packed into this little beast is a marvel worth writing home about. Many popular TV shows nowadays have resorted to using this camera for their daily shoots, as it is light, small and very powerful in terms of shooting very high quality images and footage. It also comes with inbuilt software that make the work of the video-grapher easier, since most functionality can be accessed by a simple click of a button. This also ensures that the postproduction process of editing becomes much easier since the raw footage is edited with secured softwares that are certified meaning they are safe for use

  • Ari Alexa

Ari Alexa was introduced in 2010, and has since gone on to become one of the most used cameras in TV Production. It features mount lenses, a powerful sensor, and shooting capacity of up to 2k resolutions. It comes in several models from Alexa, Alexa Plus, Alexa M, and Alexa Studio, among many others. It was well received by Camera World enthusiast,s and has been used to shoot notable TV shows and films like the award winning Life of Pi.

  • Black Magic

Black Magic changed the game completely when it was some years back. It blew Canon, a then superpower in the camera world, out of the water. This small powerful camera has been widely used in TV Production ever since.

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