When it comes to television, there is never any role that gets overlooked. From the Producer at the top, down to the people serving drinks at the very bottom, every role is treated as crucial in the process of filming and creating a TV show. Some of the roles that are found on the set of a TV show include:

  • Actors

The role of the actor is to interpret the words on the script and turn them into dialogue, actions and facial expressions, as required by the director. They are the ones that put life and blood into the characters written in the script, therefore, they play the most important role of them all.

  • Writer

They are the ones that come up with the idea in the first place. The whole show is based on what they sat down and came up with, and it is the words that they write down that get turned into dialogue and action.

  • Art Director

The main function of the art director is to realize the production designer’s creative vision for all the sets and costumes that bring out the look and feel of a film. The are the eyes on the set.

  • Agent

An agent represents the performers, actors, and any creative members that are part of the production. As representatives of the performers, they play the role of finding work for their clients as well as acting as go-between between the actors and producers.

  • Choreographer

They plan, create and ensure the dance movements and general movement of the actors and performers come out as intended by the director. They handle the rigorous routines of training all day before a shoot takes place.

  • Costume Designer

As the name suggests, their work is to create costumes for the actors that will complement the film’s look and feel.

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